The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM) brings to the forefront 19 years of The Banyan's own experience in the mental health sector. BALM's focus is to advocate for positive mental health, engage in research towards making wholesome policy changes in the mental health sector, and implementation of these strategies to achieve visible outcomes. Mental health issues are not stand-alone, they are complicated by social phenomena such as homelessness, gender, caste and poverty.

BALM's mandate is geared towards rigorous quantification of the interplay between these issues through enhanced participation of all relevant stakeholders. Research and training are the cornerstones of the organisation that has been successful in replicating some of the work of The Banyan in collaboration with other stakeholders. Other areas of focus include advocacy which centers around working with government agencies and other network partners to impact policy changes to promote access to care for the marginalised. There is also focused attention on capturing and replication of best practices in mental health. The focus is on bridging inequities and tackling issues of poverty and marginalisation. In the years to come, BALM will work with communities, NGOs and individuals (including user-survivors of mental health issues) to increase access to mental health care at the grassroot level at different locations in Indiaby testing out various innovative methods with action research prjects through the Mental Health and Social Action Lab. Through all it's activities, BALM hopes to influence a pro-people policy and change realities on the ground in mental health care by using capacity building, training, research, advocacy and networking as key tools.

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Friends Of The Banyan aims in promoting awareness of mental issues especially in women around the world. In India, The Banyan has been successful in highlighting these issues and has done some pioneering work in rehabilitating the affected women back to the society.

Yet more needs to be done.

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