The Banyan believes in the rights of the completely marginalized sections of society – to live and to be.
Our vision is for a just society in which the rights and needs of the completely marginalized are addressed without exception. We will achieve this by acting as a catalyst to increase awareness & acceptance of the issues, creating the momentum for Government and Society to develop appropriate responses.

But the Banyan cannot do it alone.

The goal of Friends Of The Banyan is thus to provide the urgent resources in the form of funds, medical supplies, clothes, blankets etc needed for the nearly 300 women living at Adaikalam, Banyan’s medical facility/residence. The funds will help provide them with the basic necessities of life along with the rehabilitation process back to their families.

You can help in many ways.

  • Make a contribution.
    • We are a 501 ( c ) organization and any donations made are tax deductible. FOTB will mail you a receipt letter with the tax id details.
    • Please make your checks out to "Friends of the Banyan – USA" and mail them to:
      Friends Of The Banyan
      27 Zaitz Farm Road
      Princeton Jct
      New Jersey 08550
  • Talk to your organization and see how they can make a contribution for the Banyan.
  • Tell your friends, relatives and acquaintances about the work of The Banyan.
  • Help spread the message through media efforts.

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Friends Of The Banyan aims in promoting awareness of mental issues especially in women around the world. In India, The Banyan has been successful in highlighting these issues and has done some pioneering work in rehabilitating the affected women back to the society.

Yet more needs to be done.

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